Products Liability

Products Liability:

Products liability is the area of law that requires designers, manufacturers and suppliers to pay for injuries to consumers caused by defects and hazards in the products they manufacture and market.  Product liability is the area of law dealing with liability on the part of the manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer of a product that causes injury or harm.  Other parties that can be held responsible for your injuries include the maker of component parts of the product, the assembler, the store or other seller of the product, and/or possibly even other parties in the distribution chain.

Consumers should be able to trust that the products they purchase are safe when used as designed. Unfortunately, consumers are often injured by common products and devices they use every day.

There are three different theories on which a products liability action may be based:  negligence, breach of warranty and strict liability.
In order to make a claim of strict liability, you as the injured party must be able to prove that there exists the following conditions:

  • The product has an “unreasonably dangerous” defect that injured you;
  • The defect caused injury during routine use of the product;
  • The product had not been altered from the condition in which it was sold.